We’re obsessed with Chrome Extensions

… and with good reason. We’re almost done building our own (SO PUMPED)! Meanwhile, we can’t stop looking for the best extensions for social sector and social justice we can find (and a few that just amuse us). We collected a few of our favorites this year for your enjoyment (sign up to be notified when ours is live and you can start saving the planet one click at a time with us!)

BuyBlack lets you shop with diversity, finding black-owned businesses as you go.

SmileAlways redirects every Amazon link to an Amazon Smile link so you’re always giving your chosen charity the most money from your purchases possible.

Choice Language changes the term “pro-life” into “anti-choice.”

Highly helps you curate the best of the internet, letting you highlight, share, collect, and follow what the people you trust are reading.

The Washington Post wants to help you fact check certain persistent liars.

Alt-Right Denormalizer removes the normalizing marketing hooey from the term, calling it what it is, white supremacism.

If you want another way to buy ethically, you might not want to contribute to a certain someone’s conflicts of interest. This extension gives you a way to avoid it. Don’t be surprised some of your favorite shopping sites show up on the “nope” list, though.

For privacy and understanding how the web tracks you, you can’t beat Ghostery. If you’re looking to limit your digital footprint in the new year (gee, we can’t imagine why) this is a great tool. Related: Extension-based VPN Hola might be helpful while you surf. Other entries: 1Password password manager and Blur.

Frivolous fun:

Make America Kittens Again turns photos of a certain unqualified drumf-elstiltskin into kittens to make the internet feel a little better again.

Bonus stuff:

Not an extension, but an app for your phone that helps you avoid Monsanto, etc: BuyCott

Save money in general with Honey


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image courtesy Unsplash