Feed the Planet

It’s winter here in the US, and a time of year where food scarcity is laid bare in stark relief as shelters fill and food banks struggle to keep up with demand. We want this post to highlight a few organizations, companies, and charities who are working to alleviate the struggle.

During the entire month of December, Sharebite, a New York City-based food delivery app, is partnering with City Harvest to donate 5 meals per order to to people in need. Normally, a purchase on the app donates one meal for every ~$25.

DC Central Kitchen not only works to feed people in need in the DC area, they help make sure those same people have access to on the job training and the potential for future work.

Your local soup kitchen is always a great place to volunteer, and not just during the holidays. You can use the Homeless Shelter Directory to help you find the one closest to you. Give them a call, and ask them how you can help. Another great resource is Feeding America.

It’s not just our two-legged populace who goes hungry this time of year, either. Don’t forget to support animal-focused organizations like Feeding Pets of the Homeless¬†and the ASPCA who help feed, vet, and house our houseless neighbor’s furry companions.

Is there an organization or company partnering with an organization to feed people in your area this year? Let us know on Twitter so we can share their efforts!