New Trump travel ban no improvement over the first one

Continuing the attack on humans from around the world and exacerbating the damage already being done to US tourism and US corporations by this administration, Trump has doubled down on the idea of a travel ban¬†focused heavily on Muslim nations. ¬†Absent from this reframing of the original ban are Iraq, protections for religious minorities, and the sense of chaotic urgency generated by the “immediate” implementation of the previous version of this ban. Roll-out is expected over two weeks this time. Also different: current visa holders are (theoretically) not impacted, and the “indefinite” ban on Syrians has been reduced to 120 days.

Trumps actions are already having a negative impact on general tourism and business travel to and from the States. One woman’s story highlights the impact, as she was denied travel from Canada – a country we’ve long had an open travel policy with for non-permanent residency trips.

All is not lost, however. You can put your dollars and time to work fighting this nonsensical travel ban. We’ve created a page of organizations working hard to help people the ban is affecting, and we’ll be adding to it over time.