It’s International Women’s Day! Why you should care

Women make the world turn. Don’t think so? Take a look at these numbers, reflecting the US loss per state if all women simply took a day off all at once. Striking, right?

Speaking of striking… today┬áis International Women’s Day. Here in the US, women and allies are striking en masse, and if they can’t strike they are showing solidarity by wearing red and amplifying the voices of the sisters.

We’re an all woman team. Some of us can strike, and some need to work, but all of us are wearing red for our sisters today. Solidarity.

Look for more posts on issues, causes, and inspiration today, on International Women’s Day here on the blog.

We leave you with these amazing statistics on women in the US workforce, and a link to a fantastic article pulling them all together for you. Pass them on!


A Day in the U.S. Economy Without Women










Orange image by Buoy Up