Bathroom laws impact you, too

In today’s “the more you know” files, we wanted to call attention to a pressing issue for some of the population’s most vulnerable: transphobic bathroom laws. This article in Elite Daily does a great job of outlining who these laws impact (surprise: not just transfolk).

Here’s How Bathroom Laws Affect Everyone, Not Just Trans People

Discrimination and hate crimes against people who are different than what someone considers “the norm” is not just dangerous, it’s demoralizing and can cause issues far beyond whether or not someone gets to pee.

If you know someone who is struggling and needs a lifeline, please make sure they contact organization designed to help, like The Trevor Project, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center, or National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


image via Bustle, which has a plethora of excellent content about trans issues