The Potential Cost of Trump’s Budget to the Arts & Humanities

By now you’ve probably heard that the Trump administration recently unveiled a budget that would eliminate funding to our largest endowments for the arts and humanities, public television, and many other programs. A few days ago, the Smithsonian reminded us what we would have lost if the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), founded in 1965, didn’t exist. For example, the NEH helped establish The Library of America, which specializes in American classic literature. The NEH was also instrumental in bringing King Tut’s exhibit to the United States in 1976, which was the result of a diplomatic truce between President Richard Nixon and Anwar Sadat.

Since being founded, the NEH has awarded more than $5 billion in grants and helped organizations raise an additional $2.5 billion in private funds—awarding more than 63,000 grants in all.Click To Tweet

The National Endowment for the Arts was established at the same time as the NEH. As we know, the NEA is responsible for arts education and equal access to arts throughout the country.

Even Mr. Rogers (who most of us remember as a pivotal part of our childhood TV-viewing) had to defend public television to the 1969 congress, urging them to not cut funding. He was ultimately successful and public television lived on.

Mr. Rogers has given us yet another important lesson to remember: We have to fight - continuously - for the things that matter to us as a nation and as individuals.Click To Tweet

image credit Buzzfeed