In honor of Women’s History Month: 9 Women-led orgs blazing a trail

It’s Women’s History Month! We wanted to take a moment to highlight nine organizations who are focused on helping, advancing, and advocating for women.

Women Deliver

Fighting for a reduction in maternal mortality (how is maternal death even still an issue in 2017!?) and promoting access to reproductive health for women. Never underestimate a powerful woman.

71% of moms with kids under 18 work. That's way more than the 47% who did so in 1975.Click To Tweet

Black Girls Code

Enabling girls ages 7 – 17 to learn to be builders and creators in the current tech marketplace, giving them a leg up on their future. Fighting for diversity in tech. One BGC story from this year out of many.

Shirley Chisholm was the first woman to run for President of the United States under a major party. Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for US President ever.Click To Tweet

Women Who Code

Giving women in tech the resources they need to succeed. Offering professional development to over 50,000 women in more than 20 countries. Diversity, one woman coder at a time. Stories from Women Who Code.

Hedy Lamarr was more than an actress and pretty face. She's also the reason we have wifi today, and many other technological advances.Click To Tweet

She Should Run

Helping women run for office to increase diversity and representation in politics. You should run! First they marched, now more than 13,000 women are planning to run for office.

13,000 women running for office in the US is a very big deal, not to be underestimated.Click To Tweet

National Women’s Law Center

Focused on advancing policy and law that helps women and girls reach their full potential and promotes not only their success, but their safety and health.

Marie Curie was the only woman (so far) to ever win two Nobel Prizes.Click To Tweet

National Organization of Women (NOW)

For several decades, using legislation and education to reach full equality for all women.

In 1872 Susan B. Anthony was arrested for trying to vote.Click To Tweet

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Working toward vision zero for domestic violence. Every woman, girl, and child deserves to be safe.

1982 was the first year more women than men got their bachelor's degree.Click To Tweet

America Women’s Vets

Working toward preserving the legacy of women in the armed forces and their families.

Roughly 14% of active members in the military today are women (in the US). That's up from 2% in 1950.Click To Tweet

Running Start

Increasing the number of women running for (and winning) office in the US.

Women currently hold 17% of Congressional and Senate seats and 18% of gubernatorial positions in the U.S.Click To Tweet.

image credit Jonathan Torgovnik, Women Deliver