The real cost of the Trump budget on the environment

Budgets are moral documents. Presidential administrations show exactly what it values, and who it values, in every line item of its budget. What Trump laid bare a few weeks ago should not be shocking, as he campaigned on cutting budgets (i.e. regulations and jobs) of programs and agencies that protect people and the environment.

Trump's budget reveals that he clearly has no moral compass. What does that mean for you?Click To Tweet

Do you enjoy access to clean drinking water? Too bad.

Do you take pride in the beautiful, diverse environment that’s protected under the National Park System? Oh, well.

Would you like the US to keep researching causes and solutions to climate change? It’s not real (they say)!

Last week I wrote about the Trump budget and the devastating effects that it would have on our Arts & Humanities programs and institutions. This week I’m focusing on the assault on the EPA and our environment that was laid out in Trump’s budget.
What does the budget mean for the Environmental Protection Agency?

If passed, the EPA’s budget would be at it lowest in 40 years (adjusted for inflation). It would also essentially eliminate funding for climate change research and for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Even before Trump took office we, as a nation, could have been doing more to combat climate change and protect our environment. With this proposed budget, that seems impossible. But you CAN do something about it. Call your congressmen and women, and your senators. And donate to organizations who are doing what the government refuses to do.



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image credit: Fabian Blank, Unsplash