Facebook Donate example reveals US healthcare problems

Recently, Facebook dipped its toe into the donation pool, because of course they did. Facebook wants to be your “internet substitute,” even though that’s not a good idea for you, because reasons. (Here are four reasons you should be aware of, just off the top of our head: 1, 2, 3, 4.) If you haven’t seen Facebook’s donate option in action yet, several new things are happening on the platform. One is a “donate to [user name or organization]’s cause right now” overlay that will appear with certain timeline posts mentioning a charity or fundraiser. Another is the ability to create a fundraiser similar to GoFundMe or YouCaring directly on Facebook that has a more official looking button. There are more, but those are appearing most often for us.

One eagle-eyed user screencapped the example Facebook is using to promote this new service, and called out that it highlights a big problem with our healthcare system.

This example showcases in no uncertain terms the challenges facing people in the United States who seek medical care. Even with the help of the ACA over the last few years there is still a high chance that a simple medical bill can bankrupt the average person, send them into homelessness, ruin their credit, and still leave them wanting when it comes to care. The state of healthcare here is appalling and as we saw with the recently tabled AHCA “reform” there is no guarantee it won’t get worse.

Healthcare facts: 'The ACA’s major coverage provisions went into effect in January 2014 and have led to significant coverage gains. As of the end of 2015, the number of uninsured non-elderly Americans stood at 28.5 million, a decrease of nearly 13 million since 2013.'Click To Tweet Statistic via KFF.org

What can you do? You can donate to charities that are working to find cures to specific diseases, like the Michael J Fox Foundation and its work on Parkinson’s, but that is an investment in the far future. You can donate to Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide preventative care to people who otherwise would not afford it. You can download and install Buoy Up and give to any of these health care organizations anytime they are relevant to a news story. Plus, our list updates every time we add charities automatically, so you don’t have to keep track (and we work both on AND off Facebook, so you are never trapped on one platform for giving. We go where you surf the web.)

Source: KFF

One last thing you can do is continue to lobby the House and Senate for healthcare reform (single-payer, anyone?), and be vigilant about bad reform like the AHCA and whatever horrible form it comes back to haunt us as. This is easier to do than you think! Two great tools are resistbot.io and Indivisible.  Resistbot.io is a way to fax your congressmen by sending a text. It’s amazing, try it out! We use it often. Indivisible is a network of grassroots activists, recently in the news for their effective use of town hall presences to fight bad legislation. You can also run for office yourself and create change from the inside! There are several organizations to help with that, like She Should Run and Running Start.

Healthcare Facts: Thanks to the ACA, the share of adults facing bankruptcy due to medical bills fell significantly between 2013 and 2015. Click To Tweet Statistic via HRMS Urban Institute

image source MaxPixel