SNL takes a swipe at slacktivism

We enjoyed this bit from Saturday Night Live that shone a light on slacktivism. The show has been killing it in general these past few months, having a resurgence of relevance and good skits thanks to some (unwanted) great material to make fun of.

We all know that some slacktivism can have real, substantial results, like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Much maligned, it ended up making some serious coin for ALS research. However, too many people think that their Facebook post, epic Twitter thread, or Medium hot take is enough when it’s really just a start. We highly recommend finding your local Indivisible Group or another organization near you that supports a cause you believe in and finding out how to get involved offline – whether it’s money or cash they need, action speaks louder than words.

One interesting take-away from the study linked above:

The more private your slactivism, the more likely you are to turn it into real world action. Click To Tweet

One thing we do know here at Buoy Up is that not everyone has the time and resources to be active in the real world. That’s one of many reasons we made Buoy Up for you! Download it now (and tell your friends) and you can give real money right from your couch to causes that matter to you, in the moment.


Kristofferson, Kirk, et al. “The Nature of Slacktivism: How the Social Observability of an Initial Act of Token Support Affects Subsequent Prosocial Action.” Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 40, no. 6, 2014, pp. 1149–1166.,

image credit: wikipedia: ACTIVISTS at the 1963 March on Washington – take your slacktivism off the screen and into the streets like this, if you can.