[UPDATED] Meet the four female founders behind Buoy Up at Collision Conference in NOLA!

That’s right, the whole team is headed to New Orleans for Collision Conference (and Jazz Fest, natch) in May! We want to meet like-minded people who want to find ways to help the world be a better place.

UPDATE: Several founder family members are experiencing sudden health problems, and we’re choosing to put family first. We will be headed to another conference later in the year, instead. We’d still like to meet you in person, however. If you are in San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), or New York City, get in touch with Leslie via the email link below to set up some face time with us!

What’s Buoy Up, you ask? Basically, when you read the news online, or log in to social media and see updates about news from your friends, you might be feeling depressed, or rage-filled, or sad, or angry, or helpless (especially lately, right?). By installing Buoy Up, you can make yourself feel better by taking action and helping a cause right away, while you read a story that is making you feel terrible about the state of the world. We think it’s pretty neat already, and we have even more features coming later this year that will amp it up even more!

Before we meet, you might want to see Buoy Up in action, so we made you a little explainer video:

A little about the team: 

Lauren Holmes is our fearless leader, and the woman that had the bright idea for Buoy Up in the first place. Lauren met Sarah Risen-Robertson, our operations genius, while working at Unicef. Then life brought them both to McKinsey & Company, where they met Leslie Poston, who signed on to help with marketing, digital and content strategy, and social media. Lauren met Tracy Huynh, the tech maestro of the group who is building Buoy Up, at a networking event, and the rest is history (herstory?)!

Who we’d love to meet:

Like-minded souls. Do you have a foot in the non-profit sector? Do you volunteer locally? Do you run a charity that needs help? Are you working at a think-tank solving the problems of the world? Do you just like finding new and easy ways to donate money? Are you interested in testing future versions of Buoy Up? We want to meet you!

New users. We’re in a live open beta right now, taking real donations and helping charities. Want to get in on that action but too nervous just download a product that touches your money from a stranger on the internet? Come see us! We’ll give a you a demo and explain how we handle your money (securely, carefully, and privately, thanks to the magic of Stripe and other tools).

You! Even if you are just curious, or want to meet fellow women founders of a tech company, come say hi! We’re excited to meet you.

Email Leslie if you want to set up a face-to-face meeting with the team at a specific time, otherwise, just look for us at the conference.

Feeling adventurous? Download Buoy Up now and come talk to us about your experience with it at Collision!