Healthcare up for eradication. AGAIN. Call your reps! Don’t delay.

What have we learned after the GOP tried to repeal Obamacare (officially known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) over 50 times since it was passed in 2009? What did we learn when the GOP then introduced the ACHA this year (roundly hated by both liberals and conservative constituents alike, and fought against in numerous town halls)?

The GOP wants us to die so they, and the companies who support them, can be a little bit richer.Click To Tweet

We’re not exaggerating, here, either. There are huge numbers of people the original two versions of their “ACHA” would have ripped health insurance from. The numerous provisions that Obamacare put in place to insure those most in need would be revoked by their ACHA, and that revocation would have a direct line to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of Americans. It’s not over folks – Trumpcare (ACHA) rears it’s scraggly, reptilian GOP head again this week, with a vote scheduled for Friday on a third version that is even more draconian.

It’s up to all of us to stop this once and for all. Call and fax your reps now (that includes calling to thank your rep if they plan to vote no, by the way – encouragement for taking a stand in the face of evil helps them stay the course).

Don’t know your reps number or fax? You can fax them via text message using or you can look to guides like Indivisible for more info.


image credit WaltiGainer on Pixabay