Crowdsourcing Philanthropy: Jeff Bezos

This week Jeff Bezos (Amazon, The Washington Post, Blue Origin) posted a request for philanthropic ideas to Twitter. This was notable for two reasons: it’s interesting to see a CEO crowdsource their philanthropic efforts, and he put a focus on ideas with “immediate impact.” Our CEO Lauren wanted to reply to him “Pay your taxes,” and apparently she was not alone in that – pay your taxes was one of the trending answers. You can see the question and full response here:


Of course we suggested that he amplify Buoy Up and tools like us that help people give in the moment, and in light of this morning’s purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon, I also went back and suggested he help feed people in the neighborhoods Whole Foods often signals extreme gentrification in. I was also fascinated by the number of people who suggested he just give them money directly (already proven to be the best way to help those in poverty: cold hard cash), and also by how many of them didn’t include a payment link. It would be interesting to see if he responded like Nicki Minaj did recently, paying the debts of his followers directly if asked (which we loved, by the way).

Some of our favorite answers are below:

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image sources and Heather Paque/Pixabay