What it’s like to be part of a distributed start-up team

Here at Buoy Up, we are a completely distributed team of co-founders. We all met in New York, then life took us around the globe. Our CEO, Lauren, will be working from Italy this summer (and we will be living that Italian Villa life vicariously through her photos). Our CTO, Tracy, blogs about her adventures as a digital nomad on Medium (check out her blog, it’s got great tips on how to afford the lifestyle, and how to continue to do excellent work from the road). Our COO, Sarah, travels frequently, working from New Orleans and other stunning cities. And our CMO, Leslie (that’s me!), up and moved to the West Coast (#teamnosnow FTW).

How do we do it? We use fantastic tools to keep in contact and stay in synch while getting work done: Slack, GitHub, Google Docs, CoSchedule, Google Calendar, Zoho, Zapier, Evernote, and more. We also hold regular phone or video meetings (depending on internet connection) using Zoom to keep an element of “face time” in the mix, and we try to meet in the same city at least twice a year.

Do you work for a distributed team? What are your tips and tricks? Let us know on Twitter or in our for-users-of-Buoy Up-only Facebook Group!

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image credits: Tracy Huynh and Sarah Risen-Robertson