ICE is targeting the weak, the young, and the old for deportation. Why?

We’ve been talking often about immigration issues on the blog lately. Immigrants have come under fire during this administration’s first few months, with Trump’s incendiary rhetoric driving a rise in hate crimes against and intolerance of immigrants – even those who have been law abiding, tax paying members of our society. Largely, deportations and round-ups have targeted children, parents who have broken no laws, the elderly, people seeking assistance at hospitals and in domestic violence courts, churchgoers, and other immigrants who pose no threat. This is counter to Trump’s “promise” that he would target only criminals – instead these agents are targeting those that are likely to be “easy to catch.”

At the forefront of this excessive immigration enforcement is ICE, who is fast becoming a strong-arm unit of enforcers for Trump – to the point that one of their own penned a letter of concern to the New Yorker:

It’s plain to see why. Intolerance and incivility can be contagious, especially in a time of unrest.

It’s becoming essential that we all become beacons of light, hope, and tolerance in our communities. Only action taken by average citizens in real life will truly stave off this rising tide of hate. If you can’t take action directly, we suggest you support organizations who are working hard on this issue. We’ve listed a few organizations helping with immigration issues for you here on BuoyUp.

image credit johnhain on Pixabay