Charlottesville: What you can do to help

We’re horrified by what’s occurred this weekend in Charlottesville. We mourn for Heather Heyer, the young counter-protester murdered by a white supremacist, and we pray for the 19 other counter-protesters injured in the domestic terror attack. People are stepping up to support Charlottesville victims, and groups are carrying on the hard work of fighting white supremacists ideology.

Here are ways you can support them:


Donate to help the victims with medical and legal expenses, and to the family of Heather Heyer.





Donate to the organizations fighting white supremacy


Black Lives Matter has been at the front lines of the fight for racial justice since Ferguson; the Charlottesville chapter faced off against the neo-Nazis and one of their members was badly beaten.


Southern Poverty Law Center monitors domestic hate groups and takes on legal cases that can bring about systemic change for the victims or hate, exploitation, and poverty. Every year, they publish a census on U.S. hate groups. Their interactive map shows just how widespread these groups are in America.

The Anti-defamation League also monitors and exposes white supremacists groups and their leaders throughout the country, including the group that the terrorist was affiliated with. Their Center on Extremism has a clearinghouse of up-to-the-minute information on extremist groups, and works with law enforcement to disrupt them.

Legal Aid Justice provides legal representation to low-income individuals throughout Virginia.

Help strengthen local civil rights organizations, like Virginia, Albermarle-Charlottesville, and IMPACT Charlottesville. Find more in this excellent article by Sara Benincasa.

Engage the racists among us


These men have family and friends — imagine if one of them, at any stage in their lives, could have influenced them away from hate? Take cues from Showing Up for Racial Justice‘s guide to political education. Find a rally in solidarity with Charlottesville near you. Bone up on our shared history of racism, and realize, sadly, #thisISus.




Honor the memory of Heather Heyer and never stop speaking up.


Be brave, like this small group of students standing up for good in the center of a sea of hate.