SPLC wants to help your college resist nazi invasion

Today the SPLC released a guide to help college students who are faced with an invasion of hate on college campuses everywhere. This guide is in response to the nazi demonstrators and related murder and injuries this weekend on a campus  in Charlottesville, VA and to the increasingly frequent recruiting speeches being given by white supremacists at college campuses everywhere. Some colleges are standing up to hate and understand that there is a difference between free speech and speech intended to incite violence and harm and are denying the speakers permission to speak. Many colleges aren’t making that necessary distinction, however.

“College campuses are clearly on the frontline of the alt-right’s battle against multiculturalism. They are targeted for a simple reason: They embrace diversity, tolerance and social justice. They strive for equality and have created safe spaces for students of every gender and identity. College campuses are home to the highest ideals of human rights.

These values are soft targets for the alt-right. College students are curious and receptive to new, even radical, ideas. And universities, by definition, welcome free speech and philosophies of every stripe. Publicly funded schools, in fact, may not prohibit free speech.”

Get the guide directly from the SPLC site.

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