#RealLifeGiving Spotlight: School Lunch Fairy

After we wrote our first #RealLifeGiving tip on paying off school lunches, two teens doing just that for their fellow students around the U.S. contacted us. Taking action in your community has no age limit, folks. We like what they are doing so much we want to amplify it! Thanks for reaching out, Bernardo and Christian.
In their own words (used with permission):
School lunch debt is a huge issue in America.  School districts accumulate staggering amounts of lunch debt, for example:

Yonkers, NY              $800,000
Houston, TX              $675,000
Los Angeles, CA       $629,000
Bakersfield, CA         $380,000
Oakland , CA            $330,000
Prince William, VA    $300,000

Manteca, CA             $204,000

San Diego , CA         $147,000
Palm Beach              $  20,000
That´s a lot of kids having difficulty to pay for lunch. A lot of them get stigmatized by schools trying to collect lunch money.  And the problem is nationwide.
That is why School Lunch Fairy created www.nolunchshaming.org so parents can report any cases of lunch shaming.  Our hope is that we can document enough cases so we can convince lawmakers in every state to enact legislation to ban lunch shaming.
www.SchoolLunchFairy.org was founded by Christian Cordon-Cano and Bernardo Hasbach, both high school juniors in FL, to raise money to help kids at public schools pay for school lunch.  We have raised $12,000 in just a few months and helped schools in 6 states, including $3,000 for schools in Palm Beach County and Martin County, Florida.
And this month we have partnered with Duffy´s Sports Grill to raise money for Florida school districts through a Change for Charity initiative.
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