#RealLifeGiving Spotlight: Philando Feeds the Children

We talked about the importance of school lunches in an earlier post and encouraged people to contact local schools and pay down lunch debts for students this year. Then we found out about School Lunch Fairy and knew we had to amplify their cause. Now we’re hearing about a new program, Philando Feeds the Children, to help pay for school lunches in Philando Castile’s name, just like he used to do out of his own pocket before his death.

His coworker Stacy Koppen has started a YouCaring page to fund the idea. This will join another program in the St Paul Schools intended to clear school lunch debt called Food for Thought.

We think this trend is fantastic. No child should be hungry ever, but especially not at school, where they need the food to fuel their brains for learning. Keep sending us your stories of #RealLifeGiving!


image credit kare11

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