DACA Dreamers, focus on October 5

So Trump’s right-hand racist AG and part-time evil Keebler elf gutted DACA today with a big, gibbering, evil grin on his face (pictured: said evil grin during the press conference, taken at the moment he revealed the depths of his evil soul by announcing the deportation of 800,000 Americans). Frankly, we’re so appalled at the treatment of some of the most patriotic of our fellow Americans we don’t know what to say. They trusted their government, and their government screwed them over. And yes. It *is* their government. If you have been here since you were a small child, brought over by someone else, and lived your best life –  this is your country.

We’ll write a longer post with more avenues of recourse and help for the DACA dreamers later in the week, but for now, while we are all still reeling, one post stood out to us, from a VOX article explaining the proposed fade-out of hope for these 800,000 AMERICANS. On that timeline, the date for DACA Dreamers to focus on is October 5th, 2017that’s the deadline for renewal applications if your work permit is set to expire by March 5, 2018. Again: October 5, 2017 is your deadline, March dreamers. Don’t let a clerical error help the evil elf send you away.

We’ll be back in a few days with more resources for you, but for now, know that we stand with you all.

image credit Ashley Feinberg