Another devastating earthquake hit Mexico: Here’s how to help

A 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City this week, the second large earthquake to hit Mexico in recent months. With well over 200 people reported dead already (and more to come), urgent help is needed. Instead of donating to charities that don’t give money¬†to the people they claim to help (we’re looking at you, Red Cross), try to find local organizations to support.

We suggest:

Topos Mexico (Brigada de Rescate Topos)

This rescue brigade is made up of locals helping locals, and they accept donations three ways: online transfer, Paypal (, or their website. Follow them on Twitter for updates.

Project Paz

This organization is based in New York and partners with El Paso Community Foundation for donations to earthquake victims in Mexico. Donors can specify where their help goes: to relief for the Chiapas and Oaxaca earthquake a few weeks ago, or the Mexico City earthquake this week.

Global Giving

A crowdfunding site that has set up a specific fund for relief for the Mexico City earthquake. Funds will be used for supplies, including food, water, and medicine.

Unicef Mexico

Unicef has opened an online portal specifically for earthquake relief for Mexico.

image credits Vox