Puerto Rico: How you can help after the devastation from Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma

I have had more discussions (arguments, really) today about Puerto Rico than anything else (including my support of #TakeAKnee!). The biggest challenge I’m seeing regarding the utter devastation in Puerto Rico? Far too many people here in the U.S. don’t know it is part of the United States! It seems some people think that not being part of the U.S. automatically disqualifies those in the paths of Harvey, Irma, Maria, and perhaps soon, Lee, from receiving help. This is a climate-driven crisis of epic proportions, and it won’t be the last (#ClimateChangeIsRealYo).

With so many communities hurting, I wanted to begin with how to help Puerto Rico. I will be creating other posts for each community impacted. I’m leading with posts about Puerto Rico and Barunda because they are facing such extreme devastation. Maria and Irma knocked Puerto Rico’s progress and infrastructure back decades, and it’s barely making the news as late as today.

How to help:

United for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s first lady Beatriz Rossel├│ is working with local and multinational businesses to help hurricane victims within Puerto Rico.


One of the leading independent, non-partisan, non-profit economic empowerment NGOs in the island, this local charity has started a fund for victims of Irma and Maria.

Unidos: Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

Joining forces to help Puerto Rico are The Hispanic Federation, Mayor Bill DeBlasio (NYC), US Representative Nydia Velazquez and US Representative Adriano Espaillat. They set up a fund that will send 100% of the money raised to relief efforts on the ravaged island.

Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief Fund

Collecting money through 9/29/2017, this coalition of groups from Los Angeles has a tight turnaround on collecting funds to offer more immediate aid.

Puerto Rico’s governor estimates that without help, there will be massive migration into the mainland from our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico.

National charities are helping as well, including AmeriCares (medical supplies), Convoy of Hope, Direct Relief (medical supplies), Global Giving, and International Medical Corps.

Know of a charity helping Puerto Rico that we missed? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments and we’ll add it.

image credit NOAA and Erica P Rodriguez/NY Times