Virgin Islands (US and UK), St. Maarten: How you can help after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria

The Virgin Islands (US and UK) and St. Maarten were all hit by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria as well, joining Dominica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Barbuda and other lee islands in devastation. The US Virgin Islands faces hurricanes so often that USVI Recovery has been active for 30 years, and the governor is directing people to that site for aid first. The British Virgin Islands is receiving some public attention from some of the UK’s well known citizens, like business mogul and adventurer Richard Branson. Britain also sent her biggest warship to help, the HMS Ocean. St. Maarten (St. Martin) is part of The Netherlands, and it was also hard hit by the hurricanes. Their government seems to be leading the bulk of the relief efforts, but we will continue to keep an eye out for local organizations helping there as well.

How to help:

USVI Recovery (Governor endorsed)

Around for 30 years helping the islands recover from tropical storms and hurricanes, the governor of the US Virgin Islands is directing people there first.

BVI Community Support Appeal (Richard Branson)

Launched by UK business mogul and British Island resident Richard Branson, the fund is intended to help people on the surrounding islands recover.

Richard Branson, a resident of the British Virgin Islands, has launched a fundraiser to help his fellow residents after the hurricanes.

SXM Emergency (Sint Maarten)

Organized by the government, the official relief site for St. Martin.

US Virgin Islands Adopt-A-Family 

Provide a care package for a family in need buy signing up on this form.

Hurricane Maria Help PR and Virgin Is (GoFundMe)

Dalian Caraballo, a family physician based in Miami, FL., is the founder of a group of doctors called “Doctoras Boricuas” all over the US and PR who are getting together to help Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands after the catastrophic damages caused by hurricane Maria. In just a few short days, the group has grown to include over 1,500 physician volunteers.  100% of the donations will go to relief efforts for those impacted by the hurricane.

21 U.S. Virgin Island Relief Fund (YouCaring)

From Tim Duncan on YouCaring: “I was 13 years old when Hurricane Hugo ripped through my home town in the Virgin Islands, and had my life and community forever changed.  I know exactly what kind of devastation a hurricane of this magnitude can cause and want to do all I can to aid in the relief efforts for the islanders.

With your help, I will match financial donations up to $1,000,000 for relief efforts in the US Virgin Islands. In addition, I am also hoping to raise an additional $1,000,000 through this ask in relief supplies for this area.”

FEMA (kind of)

Basically, if you have internet you can apply for FEMA in the US Virgin Islands. But after a hurricane comes through (much less two) how likely is that??

Hurricane Maria Survivors In St. John And St. Thomas May Apply For FEMA Disaster Assistance

National charities are helping as well, including AmeriCares (medical supplies), Convoy of Hope, Direct Relief (medical supplies), Global Giving, and International Medical Corps.

Know of a charity helping the Virgin Islands or St. Martin that we missed? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments and we’ll add it.


image credit and NBC News