Mandalay Bay is the largest act of domestic gun terrorism in the US. How to help:

Last night, a 64-year old white domestic terrorist committed the largest gun massacre on US soil to date. Firing into a happy crowd of music lovers at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival outside of the casino, shooter Stephen Paddock killed more than 50 people and wounded over 500 at last count. It can appear that Americans condone this violence, seeing it as the price of freedom, but we disagree. Gun violence is not the price of freedom, it is fallout from the greed of the NRA and its disciples, and we’ve had enough.

“Mandalay Bay shooting victims. We feel it is important to look boldly at tragedy to understand why gun control is important to prevent this in future.”

Mandalay Bay was an extremely localized tragedy and has nearby hospitals at capacity. If you are in the area the two best ways to help Mandalay Bay victims specifically right now are to give blood and, if you are or know a mental health counselor, contact the casino. They have an active call out for trauma counselors.

“Concert goers running and hiding from gunman at Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival near Mandalay Bay casino”

Usually “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but not this time. Gun violence and domestic terrorism are everywhere. Until we stop calling white domestic terrorists “lone wolf” or “mentally ill” and start addressing the problems at the core, we will still have innocent people dying at the hands of angry white men with guns.

How to help stop gun violence beyond Mandalay Bay:

Call your congressperson and demand that they vote against the SHARE Act.

Part of this bill would make it easier for people to purchase silencers for their weapons. Experts have said that using silencers can make it more difficult for people to locate the source of shooting. It’s up for a vote this week.

Support Everytown for Gun Safety

Established in 2014 as Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and survivors of gun violence joined forces, this non-profit has major wins under its belt. They include defeating NRA’s top legislative priorities in Congress, and at state and local levels. Donate or text ACT to 64433 for more ways to take part in the movement.

Don’t glorify the shooter

In the aftermath of mass shootings, cable news plays the footage on loop and dedicates lots of time to figuring out who the killer was and why he did it. This style of coverage not only covers the perpetrator on his own terms, but it has been shown to inspire other would-be mass shooters — even so far as giving them ideas about tactics for carrying out an attack.




image credit: HuffPo, AP

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