After a mass shooting, focus on the victims

Don’t give the Las Vegas shooter what he wants: an unadulterated narrative on his terms, about him, his methods and his motive.

Because it’s beside the point. Our country is engulfed in an epidemic of gun violence; this is one mass shooting out of 275 others just this year.

How do you cover an epidemic of such magnitude? You devote a whole newsroom to it. That’s what news nonprofit The Trace does. It’s the only team of journalists whose full-time beat is covering guns in America.

Their reporting touches on every angle of gun violence in America, but perhaps what’s most unique is their focus on victims of gun violence. They’ve movingly covered what it’s like to get shot and survive; how Medicaid cuts would imperil healthcare for gunshot victimsthose wounded from past mass shootings who quickly fade from the headlines; and the grief of children who lose parents in mass shootings.

On Wednesday night, they shared remembrances of those who died in the Mandalay Bay shooting.