IQ check: Are you smarter than Donald Trump?

After Tillerson called Trump a moron, and Trump demanded an IQ test-off this morning, CNN’s Chris Cillizza wants to know: are you smarter than our commander-in-chief?

The answer? You’re probably smarter than Donald Trump, but who the @#$#@* cares?

Forty percent of Puerto Ricans lack potable water, 85% have no electricity.

Unprecedented wildfires threaten Napa Valley.

But hey, now’s the time to overturn rules meant to mitigate global warming.

And while the Trump administration is at it, they’re going to restrict women’s access to birth control.

Meanwhile, the Vice President spends Sunday on a publicity stunt meant to stoke even more division, while the administration offers nary a word in condemnation for the white supremacists that marched in Charlottesville AGAIN.

Oh, and a senator likens Trump to a senior with dementiaand many of his peers agree — but they’re not doing a damn thing about it.

So what can we do about it?

Organize. There are important elections in Virginia and New Jersey in November.

Support the organizations protecting us from the Trump agenda, like the ACLU,, the International Rescue CommitteeShowing Up for Racial JusticeBlack Lives Matter, or any of these, really.

And take your smug quiz turning this unbearable administration into a lighthearted joke and shove it.