Bright light in dark start to 2018: the Nurse-Family Partnership deserves your support

Since October, Congress has refused to allocate long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which, as its name suggests, secures healthcare for 9 million children. It is perilously close to not being funded at all.


Simultaneously, further spending cuts in other areas will be ushered in by the new tax bill, and it will also affect funding for basic health services for vulnerable mothers and children.


One organization threatened by these developments: the amazing Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). NFP pairs low-income women who are pregnant with their first child with a free nurse who supports them during their pregnancy and until their child’s second birthday. The nurse visits about every other week and helps mothers have a healthy pregnancy and successful transition to motherhood. Their model is unique for maternal child health programs because it’s based on rigorous evidence on what’s effective, discovered via randomized, controlled trials.


The results of this approach have been resoundingly positive: for every $1 a community invests in NFP, it receives $5.70 in return. NFP has served more than 260,000 families and operates in more than 42 states.


This organization is included in our latest update to the extension, which is now live! Get it now and use it to learn about NFP in the following articles.