Young people doing cool shit

Young people are the future, whether they are inventing new, easier ways to detect cancer (test strips! bras!) making sure kids in school are getting fed, or fighting for other kinds of change. Throughout the year we’ll be highlighting amazing young people doing world-changing things. We wanted to start with a collection from the last 12 months, but look for posts highlighting these things regularly.

Jahkil Jackson with one of his Blessing Bags for the homeless in Chicago

We thought we’d start off with the Parkland students working to get gun control regulations in place (and working to uplift the voices of their fellow teens from all walks of life while they have our attention). We’ll be following these activists for a long time as they effect change.

The tireless activism from Little Miss Flint (like her Dear Flint Kids project) to keep shining the national spotlight on Flint (Going on 1441 days without water. Still.) should not go unnoticed.

Every young activist working to follow the footsteps of leader like Martin Luther King Jr within their own communities deserves our attention.

This ten year old in Chicago is working to end homelessness using techniques like his Blessing Bags. Join his effort!

Do you know of a young person doing cool shit we should highlight? Do they run a non-profit we should add to our database? Let us know in the comments!