What to do when everything is WTF

You may have noticed how we’ve tapered off posting. We promise, it’s not on purpose. It’s just that the news cycle has us

and it’s truly difficult to parse which stories are most important. How do you decide what to amplify when everything feels like it’s life or death? That’s one reason we made Buoy Up. It feels so good to click on the highlighted organizations to send them some monetary help in the exact moment a news story is causing frustration, anger, pain, or despair. Some stories even get us “rage clicking” multiple donations in one go – very satisfying. You should try it.

However, we also want to be a good steward of the news for you, and help you figure out how, where, and when you can help. To that end, look for more frequent posting, and by all means, if you have a story you think we should tell, please let us know on Twitter, in the comments, or via email.

Meanwhile, 5 tips on how to handle a relentless news cycle:

  1. Take a walk. We can’t stress enough how leaving your screen behind for even five minutes can give you the reset you need to keep your focus and steel your resolve by calming your emotions a bit.
  2. Call a friend. On the worst days, your closest friends can help you cope. Facebook makes us lazy by doing the emotional labor of friendship for us. Break the cycle – let someone know you think they are worth the effort of a call. It will completely reset your day (and theirs).
  3. Write your congresscritter about one issue from the day. Don’t have time for letters? Use 5Calls or Resistbot.io to help you stay on top of it. Taking action matters.
  4. Clean up some trash. This new craze while walking is catching on. Grab a trash bag and a friend and pick up some trash while you walk. It’s a concrete action you can do to help your city be cleaner and more beautiful.
  5. Hand out homeless packets. Buy a gross of socks, some tampons, some non-perishable foods, wet wipes, pet food, etc and make a few kits to hand out. Then go to your nearest tent city and hand them out. Feel unsafe? Take a friend – double the kits, double the safety.


What are your tips for de-stressing during a relentless news cycle?